Indigenous peoples: El Chapo asks that his money be distributed (Details).

Convicted Mexican drug lord El Chapo wants to donate his £9.8billion fortune to indigenous communities when he dies.

El Chapo, who is serving a 30-year sentence at a maximum security federal prison in Colorado, has appealed to President of Mexico to donate the seized drug money to the country’s threatened indigenous communities.

His lawyers Jose Luis Gonzalez Meza and Juan Pablo Badillo Soto, claim the request was made during phone calls between the drug lord and his mother, sister and daughters in August.

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Gonzalez Meza said his client also used the phone calls to send a message to Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, asking for his seized drug money to be given to indigenous communities in the country.

He said: “The most important thing is that he said that he agreed the money that the government of United States wanted to take from him, a country that valued his fortune at more than £9.8billion should stay in Mexico, because Mexico owns it, as it was generated in the country.”

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The statement of the lawyers comes after the Senate promoted the creation of a binational commission repatriate goods seized from any foreign criminal convicted by US courts.

Regarding the possible repatriation of the Mexican drug lord’s fortune, his lawyer Badillo Soto said that his client’s trial was not valid because it was not placed in front of the authorities requesting his arrest in San Diego.

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Instead he appeared in New York where he was the subject of a massive 11-week trial.

The cartel boss, who infamously escaped from jail twice, ran a global drug empire and had amassed a fortune of billions of dollar from its illegal trade.


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